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m malik June 9, 2003 12:43

intersecting cylinders
I am trying to develop hexahedral finite element mesh generator for a flow passage having two cylinders of the same diameter that intersect at right angles making a T-joint. Hexahedral mesh in cylinder is a rather simple matter; the mesh in a cylinder comes simply by stitching the qudrangular meshes of circular cross-sections. However, I have problem in creating a compatible mesh at the joint. Any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Selina Tracy June 12, 2003 00:27

Re: intersecting cylinders
It's not difficult as it looks.

First, you need a geometry for T pipe in certain format such as IGES. If you want, I will let you know the place to get the geometry file not only for T but for hundres.

Second, use commercial mesher. I've just made a mesh for + (cross) shape even with nonzero thickness (all hex) It took me less than half an hour.

But when in comes to make a mesh generator, I do not have any idea if it's general purpose.

Good luck.


akone November 2, 2011 09:25

T junction
Hi Selina,
I'd like to create a T joint with two cylinders..Please do you know how I can go about it. I'm very new to ICEM

Thanks in advance!!

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