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Phillip June 10, 2003 11:35

what is DNS ?

I've just started working in CFD. Could anyone help me understand DNS ? I've few notions: 1. DNS is computationally time consuming 2. We need a very fine grid to carry out DNS

(how much fine my grid should be) 3. I can get 1/7th power law profile using DNS of pipe flow for Re>4000

Are my notions correct ?

Thanksa lot

Mahibooswami June 11, 2003 03:33

what is DNS ?
Hi, DNS means directly solving the equations without any models, I mean if u consider RANS , here we are solving the averaged navier stokes equations , in LES, we are separating the flow in to tow parts one large eddy and another one is dissipated K.E , which occurs due to viscocity and this will be very fine scale. we are ressolving the large eddy and modeling small scales using smagorinsky or Germano dynamic model. where as in DNS, we are not manipulating NS equations , we are solving i,e we ressolving fine as well as large eddies,,if we want to ressolve both the scales(larger and smaller), our grid should be very fine to capture small dissipated scales(kolmogorov scales),,u can refer any CFD book, for the formulae to calculating kolomogorov scale..

all the best

ChenYi June 14, 2003 02:12

Re: what is DNS ?
Can anybody tell me where I can find some reviews or textbook on DNS? Thank you.

bob June 16, 2003 09:09

Re: what is DNS ?
Hi, could you please post the reference to which you mentioned regarding the kolomogorov scale calculations Cheers Bob

Abhinav June 16, 2003 09:41

Re: what is DNS ?
You can get the calculation of Kolmogorov scale from the archive of the old messages on this site. Try search.


Abhinav June 16, 2003 09:44

Re: what is DNS ?
I wonder most DNS codes using pseudospectral method use roughly 45-60 Chebyshev points in cross stream direction and around 32 Fourier points in stremwise and spanwise directions. Can such grid in wavenumber space capture the dissipative scales ?

Cheers Abhi

Ali June 19, 2003 22:06

Re: what is DNS ?

A good review about DNS is the following paper and its references:

Moin, P., and Mahesh, K., DIRECT NUMERICAL SIMULATION: A Tool in Turbulence Research, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 30, Page 539, Jan 1998.

About Kolmogorov scales, you can find it in any textbook for Turbulence, for exapmle:

1) Wilcox, D.C., Turbulence modeling for CFD, DCW Ind., 1993.

2) Chen, C.J., and Jaw, S.Y., Fundamentals of Turbulence Modeling, Taylor & francis, 1998.

3) Pope, S.B., Turbulent flows, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Phillip June 20, 2003 08:17

Re: what is DNS ?
Thanks Ali.

I don't have access to the paper by Moin and Mahesh. Does anyone have the soft copy of this review article ? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you can send it by email.

thanks Regards Phillip

Phillip July 27, 2003 15:25

Re: what is DNS ?
Thanks a lot Ali for sending me the paper.

Regards Phillip

anon July 31, 2003 16:42

Re: what is DNS ?
direct navier stokes, usually

anna August 28, 2003 15:28

Re: what is DNS ?
dns = direct numerical simulation

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