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Mahibooswami June 13, 2003 07:34

Immersed Boundary Conditions
Hi Every one,

can any body explain about immersed boundary condistions, where we have to apply this.Please suggest me some reference books or matarial which explains about Immersed boundary conditions


Tamer June 19, 2003 18:45

Re: Immersed Boundary Conditions
I will send u a paper I found so it might be useful

Tamer June 19, 2003 19:10

Re: Immersed Boundary Conditions
Here is the original publication

Journal of Computational Physics 160, 705719 (2000) on An Immersed Boundary Method with Formal Second-Order Accuracy and Reduced Numerical Viscosity1 Ming-Chih Lai2 and Charles S. Peskin

Immersed boundary method The geometric exibility of the developed solver results from the adoption of the immersed boundary concept, and various elements from nite-volume and nite-element formulations. The immersed boundary concept (IMB) method was originally presented in the pioneering work of Peskin [17]. More recently, a simplied version of the method was presented [18, 19]. The basic idea of the method lies on the denition of the solid (either moving or not) boundaries. Instead of using complicated boundary tted grids to dene the geometrical conguration, the immersed boundary method actually mimics the presence of solid bodies by means of suitably dened body forces applied to the discretized set of the momentum equations.

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