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A.Rajani Kumar March 9, 1999 15:37

A question about elliptic grid generation
Hi, Can any one tell how to do elliptic grid clustering for non axysymmetric body?thanks.

K. Sundar March 11, 1999 20:50

Re: A question about elliptic grid generation

Contact Durga Phd Scholar (under Dr M.Ramakrishna). She is also trying to do clustering of grids.

Please refer to a nasa tech report by Sorenson and Steger. This was published in 1979, I will try to get you the exact report number if I can. I do not remember it now. This report gives an analytical formula to cluster grids near walls using "exponential clustering". It can be applied after grids are generated by solving the Laplace equation (Elliptic grid generation). Also look into Ch Hirsch (text book), some simple clustering formule are given.

In case you want to solve the poisson equation, (by solving the poisson equation you can control, "by using control function", the clustering while generating elliptic grids), a number of articles can be found in JCP (Journal of Computational Physics, from year 1979-1985), which give specific control functions. By solving a poisson eqn, you may run into difficulties and possibly non-orthogonality of the meshes generated.

Hunt for the paper by Thompson, Thames and Mastin somewhere in 1981 and related references.

A.Rajani Kumar March 12, 1999 00:37

Re: A question about elliptic grid generation

Thanks for the reply.I am also working on sorenson and steger method only.In this report external flow application only given.So there is one wall boundry condition.Even we can use this method for axi-symmetric 2-d flows.But i am getting problem in the case of non-axisymmetric 2-d applications.I am working under Prof.S.S.Gokhale.Thanks for the reply and info.

Ramendra Sahoo March 12, 1999 10:33

Re: A question about elliptic grid generation

You can refer to the book "Fundamentals of Grid Generation" by Knupp and Steinberg. It covers most of the grid clustering and basic test problems. Numerical grid generation by Thompson is also a very good one to have more in-depth theoretical stuff.

Good luck.


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