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shyamprasad March 17, 2009 00:40

How to give pressure boundary condition in SIMPLER algorithm

I am trying to use pressure boundary condition in SIMPLER code and running to some problems. As per discussion in Versteeg and Malalasekera Book, I gave a specified pressure at the outlet node and CON(Su), AP(Sp) variables are set to 0 and high negative values respectively for the pressure correction equation. Also nodes corresponding nodes are withheld from solving for U momentum.

Somehow this doesnot seem to work. The straightforward test problem I am trying to solve is the following.

For a 2-D flow (like flow between two infinitely long plates) A velocity inlet B.C (left boundary) is being specified. For the outlet(right boundary) Pressure B.C is given. Steady state flow profile and pressure distribution are to be obtained.

For this problem one would expect a parabolic flow profile at the exit but I am getting diminishing velocities at the as I approach the right boundary.

Kindly help me in this regard.

With Thanks

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