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gholamghar March 17, 2009 17:13

solving ocean wave with Fluent or CFX?
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i posted this in Fluent forum but there was no answer to my questions so i post it in main forum:
i want to model and analyze a 2d wave that reaches the beach(which is considered to be like a step as shown below) and breaks.i have all the dimesions such as depth of water or wave profile in the ocean and i should obtain the height and the shape of the wave on the beach(step),but because i am a beginner
i have following quetions:
1-i have just access to Fluent software,so is Fluent capable of solving this problem?i have heard that i should use VOF and Fluent has this feature but i don't know that Fluent can solve this problem about waves.
2-which software is the best for this problem among CFX and Fluent?
3-if Fluent is capable of solving this problem,how much time approximately is needed for a complete beginner to learn VOF and solve this problem with Fluent and do i need learn UDF writing?

i have attached the wave before reaching to beach and after that:

thanks in advance

p.pmp2005 March 21, 2009 13:49

you can check and find refernces as:

1. Run the simulation for longer flow time to check the wave pattern.
2. Try running the simulation without non-iterative time advancement (NITA) option.
(a) Are the flow patterns different?
(b) Compare the wall clock time taken to reach the same flow time.
3. Run the simulation using variable time step option.
4. Try different motions to the wall and observe wave patterns.
This will need specific C compiler to create UDF library from the source code.
5. What other situation can be simulated using the same mesh file?

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