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bill2009 March 17, 2009 20:34

Specific Motorcycle Windscreen Interest
Hi, I have a specific interest in seeing what airflow looks like around a motorcycle windscreen - I'd settle for a section of a cyclinder tilted at different aspect ratios to a constant airstream. It seems that openfoam or gerris would be able to do what I want - gerris seems simpler but openfoam may have a complete motorcycle model pre-built.

I am not a native linux user, I'm a bit familiar because of hacking tivo's and playing with ubuntu. I can imagine installing ubuntu on an older box or using a live dvd to get one of these running but first I'd like to ask for help.

Would anyone be willing to run the openfoam/snappyhexmesh motorcycle and show me the result? Any simpler alternative or flat discouragement might also be useful.

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