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Tommaso June 24, 2003 12:05

Kinetic Theory

In the ideal gas model using the kinetic theory for Cp and K, which are the values to insert in degrees of freedom...........

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Nicola June 30, 2003 10:06

Re: Kinetic Theory
It depends on the gas molecule you are considering.

For a mono-atomic gas 3 DoF:

Cv=3 R/2 ; Cp=3 R/2 + R

For a bi-atomic gas 5 Dof:

Cv=5 R/2 ; Cp=5 R/2 + R

For a tri-atomic gas 6 DoF(assuming the atoms are not on the same line):

Cv= 3 R ; Cp= 4 R

These formulas hold under the assumption that the vibrational energy is negligible and that the relative motion of the atoms of the molecule can be neglected (the molecule is assumed to be a solid body).

Hope it helps


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