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ulisses March 21, 2009 18:05

Using a cylindrical coordinates
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to simulate a gate valve in a pipe. But this was simulated in a cartesian coordinate. However I'd like to know some instructions to simulate it using cylindrical coordinates.

Thanks for help.:D

ulisses March 21, 2009 18:12

Mesh used
1 Attachment(s)
Here is the mesh that I used. This one was created in Salome and exported to OpenFoam:
Attachment 64

kel85uk March 25, 2009 15:31

Why worry?
Hi Ulisses,
I see that the mesh is already in 3d, so, why worry about whether it is in cylindrical coordinates?

Good luck. Happy CFD-ing.


ulisses March 25, 2009 16:02

Thanks a lot Kelvin,

Now I notice that there's no reason for my concern.

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