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tommewang June 29, 2003 02:22

need four-node isoelement with given stiff matrix
I am making my code of In-Na-S and I used pressure correction method. Now I need an standard example like lid driven flow in a cavity. Can any body help to send me the standard example with given stiff-matrix? I need it to examine my expression of the pressure stiffness matrix. I can not find an example in that way(the books I can find) especilly for elleptic partial differential euqations. If you can please do me the favor (self-made of from book,and please send to directly but do not tell book name only,I can not find any more books here). Thank alot.

tommewang June 30, 2003 03:30

or can you? please
Or any body can give me the stiff matrix of the following example (elleptic pde) d/dx(du/dx)+d/dy(du/dy)=f(x,y) x,y varies in a square cavity of unit length. f(x,y)=2./(delt**2)(at x=0.5 and y=0.5) or f(x,y)=0. at otherwhere. u(x,y)=0. at the four bouandaries thanks

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