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Brett Augsburger March 12, 1999 03:30

CFD analysis of Exhaust Manifold
Our company is searching for a CFD package that will be appropriate for an analysis of an exhaust manifold for an automobile. We have looked at the Ricardo software and it looks very powerful, but the cost ($40-70 thousand/year) is too high for our budget. Can anyone recommend a software package that would best suit our needs and is not so pricey? Anyone have any experience with CFDesign? Thanks!

Richard Thoms March 12, 1999 09:53

Re: CFD analysis of Exhaust Manifold

CFDRC software can perform exhaust manifold analysis. The CFD-ACE+ package could do everything from flow analysis to a full calculation of flow, heat transfer (including radiation) and thermal stress. CFDRC can provide software and/or consulting services.

I checked out your website and found that you are a fellow Alabama company. Check out our website at

Email me directly if you would like any further info.

Regards, Richard Thoms

Mike Kayat March 13, 1999 19:51

Re: CFD analysis of Exhaust Manifold
Hi Brett:

You should check out Exa's PowerFLOW toolset. It's a CAD-like CFD package that does fully automatic mesh generation, captures transient and steady state simulations and is very cost effective.

PowerFLOW has been used on very complex exhaust manifolds for auto OEMs and suppliers - its fast, and very accurate when compared with experimental data. You can do concept analysis and design optimizations.

Take us for a test drive first, see if we can do your application successfully and easily. We have a services group that uses PowerFLOW and also traditional PDE solvers. We get many more customer jobs done with PowerFLOW.

Best regards Mike Kayat

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