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Aldrin Wong March 12, 1999 03:51

AIC (Back to the Past)

I have a question that dates back to the early days of CFD. We ran into this problem when trying to verify some of the old CFD codes (for an aircraft wing) written in FORTRAN IV.

The question involves generation of AIC (Aerodynamic Influence Coefficients) using Strip Theory. First of all, what is AIC, modern textbooks do not give an explanation of the subject at all. It also appears that many different definitions exist. The AIC that I looking at appears to be a function of the Cl-alpha and Cm-alpha. Can anyone point to to some references ?

The second question involves Strip Theory. Again, the therminolgy is confusing. Is this the vortex-lattice method, doublet-lattice etc ? Or is it something much more basic and older ? I don't see any metion of Strip Theory at all in all the aerodyanmic books that I have. How does one obtain AIC from Strip Theory ? What exactly is Strip Theory ? Can one use an Euler code to generate AIC ?

References and any help would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Aldrin

Markus Lummer March 12, 1999 07:21

Re: AIC (Back to the Past)
Hi Aldrin,

you can look at

Especially sections

9.2 Finite Wings and 9.2.4 Computational Models

could be interesting for you.

Best regards


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