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djstoneage April 7, 2009 17:13

HELPP!!! CFD for FSAE race car
Hi all

I am in the process of running cfd for formula SAE car. ICEM CFD was used to compute the mesh. and fluent as a solver.

i am getting a very high drag convergence history value. can anyone advice?

my setup is a car in a control volume box. i am also getting a lot of reverse flow.

also if anyone can recommend boundary condition setup that will be very helpful


jntan April 7, 2009 19:21

Check your grids/mesh. This could be the most possible cause of the high drag since you use the SAE formula car model.

Here're my two cents to contribute:

1. Cross section area ratio of the vehicle and the computational domain/virtual wind tunnel (<10% is good).

2. The size of the girds close to the surface of the vehicle.

3. The ground boundary layer effect.

4. The accuracy of your solver software package.

5. Boundary settings and numerical model you use.

Good luck!

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