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LeonardLapis April 8, 2009 09:49

centricity index, uniformity index

I am looking for some information about centricity, uniformity index. I need the exact definition and from which equation can they be derived.
If there is a website where I can find more about this topic, please tell me!

Thanks a lot,

ngrube April 8, 2009 14:08

More info
Can you give more info about what you are talking about? There are diagnostic quantities from WENO shock-capturing methods called centrality index and nonlinearity index. Are you talking about these indexes or something similar? Or something totally different?

LeonardLapis April 19, 2009 16:34

These expressions are used by analyzing a catalytic converter. I hope someone knows more about them.

Maddin May 14, 2009 08:44

In two SAE papers you find information about the UI for this.
I don't have them, but I need them.
We can make a deal ;) I tell you the SAE Number and you send me a copy:D

Regards, Maddin

tushar.apatil July 17, 2015 05:57

1 Attachment(s)
view the image for unif ind formula

SJSW August 26, 2015 23:46

Could you tell me why the denominator of Uniformity Index is multiplied by 2?

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