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Abhishek April 9, 2009 14:27

Supersonic compression-ramp flow
Hi everyone,
i've been trying to simulate the supersonic ciompression ramp flow on fluent. Although i was able to get the steady(mean) values of the parametes (pressure, etc) right, i'm unable to replicate intermittent pressure signal near the compression corner (shock/BL interation).
till now i've tried using the spalart allmaras model only.

I wonder if anyone here has ever tried it before could help me with this.


sophie-l April 9, 2009 15:10

The problem with spalart allmaras is that it is 1 equation so it have big problems to accomodate with high gradients
try using density based solver (in place of pressure based)

Abhishek April 10, 2009 06:25

hey sophie! thanks for replying. All this time i've been using density based SA model only. i guess RANS would do better! I'll try that now. :confused:

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