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Saima April 9, 2009 21:56

Volume Fraction in VOF model
Hi all,

I have 2phase problem with water and air. The primary phase is air and secondary phase is water.

I know the liquid water content which is 0.84 gm/m3 . Now i am not able to figure out what should be the volume fraction of water.

Kindly help me.
Thanks in advance


afroz_javed April 10, 2009 14:28

0.84 gm/m3 water concentration means roughly 0.84 ml/m3 in volume assuming water density to be 1 g/ml, or 1000 g/litre. this makes that for 1 m3 of the mixture there is o.84 ml or 0.84x10-6 m3. the volume fraction of water would be (0.84x10-6 m3)/(1 m3) that is 0.84x10-6. Hope this helps.

Saima April 12, 2009 19:22

Thank you so much 4 ur reply.
Now it's clear to me.
Thanks alot.

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