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tom2 April 16, 2009 07:55

Moment Coefficient Monitor

I was hoping somebody could help me with this question...

I'm modelling the performance of a horizontal-axis wind turbine as part of my thesis and need to obtain values of torque. I'm running the inlet at 4.5m/s and then using a moving reference frame at differing speeds to simulate fluid flow. I've put a Moment monitor about the Z-axis from the turbine centre and have got values of between 8.2 (750rpm) and 15.6 (1000rpm).

The turbine is 0.344m in radius giving a swept area of 0.372m2.

I've run the solution on a k-e segregated solver with convergence of 0.0001.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks


tom2 April 16, 2009 08:02

Hi, I'm sorry this is when using FLUENT 6.2

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