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vanni April 23, 2009 04:39

Angular velocity in wind turbine simulation
Hello guys,

I want to study a new wind turbine with vertical rotational axis.
I think, on the base of the shape of the rotor, that a sliding/dinamic mesh is necessary and I would like to start with a 2D simulation.

Obviously I donít know the rotational velocity of the rotor at a specific wind velocity.
I think that I must take into account the torque and power necessary to generate electrical energy.

The question is how can I setup this simulation? How can I make the flow to move the rotor?

I think to use this formulation for angular velocity ω that must be applied to moving/sliding mesh by an user defined function.

ω t = ωt-1 + [Maer t-1 - M res (ωt-1)] / Irotor * Δt


Maer= torque calculated on rotor due to flow
ω) = function for torque due to electrical energy power generation depending on ω itself.
Irotor = rotor Inertia

Do you agree?

Thanks in advance

sime May 18, 2009 11:03

How can u determine the Maer and the Mres(ω)?

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