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epa April 23, 2009 15:01

Periodic mesh creation in ICEM
Hi All,

I am creating a stuctured hexa fan rotor mesh in ICEM, by meshing one blade channel and than copying the blade around to form the rotor. The sides of the channel are set to be periodic, and meet each other perfectly. My proble is that after copying I have non manifold verticies and duplicate edges at the meeting periodic edges. Does anyboby know how to vanish the non manifold verticies and duplicate edges, or how to copy the mesh around to get a connected mesh? I appreciate any help.

venkat_aero2007 May 1, 2012 16:24

I am quite new to ICEM CFD software. I am trying to mesh a rotor. If you have any tutorial about meshing rotor, could you please send it to my email:

could you please tell me the strategy that you followed to mesh your rotor
thanks in advance for your information.

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