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LiveandLetDrive April 27, 2009 17:58

Harpoon import issue (origin?)
This is version 3.4(c)

When I import my geometry from an STL file (short cylinder) into Harpoon for meshing, the location of the origin seems to have no relationship to the geometry. In the Solidworks model the origin is dead center of the part, in Harpoon it is somewhere outside of it, in line with the flat side of the cylinder but otherwise off in space. Rotating the geometry just confuses things as the mix/max extents don't seem to rotate with the geometry (as demonstrated by snapping the far-field to the min/max). Any attempt to translate the geometry toward the <0,0,0> point temporarily seems to work but the origin moves again when the view is refreshed and re-clipped.

What is the deal? Am I going to have to deal with this arbitrary offset or is there some way to make the origin sit in the middle of the geometry where it belongs? Thanks for your help, I'm out of ideas!

(Also, does anyone else find that they sometimes can and sometimes can't drag a refinement zone's corner, even when "interactive" is checked?)

LiveandLetDrive April 27, 2009 20:02

In other news, every time I create a cylinder as a refinement zone, it appears in different and inconsistent ways. To try it out I created 6 cylinders in a row with exactly the SAME settings (even clicked the same points to initialize the shape and didn't rotate the view at all). Despite this I got cylinders in 3 different orientations, none of them where they were supposed to be. It's like the coordinate system is rotating itself for no apparent reason?

This software is so full of things like this, it is ridiculous. I know the obvious response is to contact Sharc's support, which I will be doing, but wanted to see if anyone's had similar problems with Harpoon.

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