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teymourj April 28, 2009 21:42

Modelling an actuator disk in FLUENT
Dear all,

I am working on actuator disk modeling in FLUENT in 3D. My geometry is very simple. There is a cubic channel with a very narrow rectangular disk in center of that. My problem is to define and set the appropriate condition for the disk in gambit so that when I export my mesh in to FLUENT it recognize all the BC.

What I did so far is define the center disk as Continuum BC of fluid and mesh it separately from the cubic channel, but when I export my mesh, gambit will automatically define the WALL BC for all 6 faces of that disk! :confused: I also try to define other BC for those surfaces, but the problem will be in FLUENT and it says "change not change internal.10 to interior because there is only one adjacent cell thread"

I do appreciate you comment and time in a head of time.

With kind regards.


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