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RajeshAero May 3, 2009 07:07

Debugging Unsteady 2-D Panel Method Code: Wake Modeling
am doing my Master's Project on Flapping foil aerodynamics.. Have written unsteady vortex panel code in matlab.. but its not converging after three time steps.. I feel the problem is in wake modeling, especially in measuring the angle between wake and body panels, though I'm not entirely sure... Can anyone help me with this?

Also, if any one wishes to debug my code.. i will send the code.. i need help in debugging my code... if anyone has code in fortran or Matlab or C, kindly send it to me.. it will be helpful to rectify my errors.. Thanks!

yasir May 9, 2009 16:23

Perhaps this due to wrong calculations of influence coefficients of trial wake,,,,if you send the code i will check it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

sbaffini May 9, 2009 20:45

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I made this code for my Aero course. It is based on lumped vortex and mean lines only. Moreover the motion is imposed and not calculated.

As i remember the code worked fine but i also remember of some problem
in the convergence of the itereations for the wake points positions at each time step.

Unfortunately i wrote it in italian and i have no time to translate it, but i think it will not be so hard to follow it if you have written your own code...

Hope this helps

rezvan6587 March 4, 2010 10:17

2D Unsteady Panel Method
Hi all

I am working on experimental measurement on an airfoil in unsteady motion and I am looking for 2D or 3D panel method Code for comparion my data with some standard cases. Is here any one can help me?:confused:

Thank you all


amitsingh178 January 20, 2011 13:50

2D unsteady panel method kutta condition
I'm working on a 2D unsteady panel method for harmonic oscillations of a NACA 0012 airfoil. I've been trying to debug the code for ages. I'm getting a nice sinosoidal variation for the lift force but the value of amplitudes are not satisfactory. Does anyone have any source to verify the values I'm getting. Also, while implementing the kutta condition(Basu and Hancock), I'm getting a quadratic equation. So, to choose the correct root, the one closest to the last time step values is chosen. But at even slightly higher frequencies, the two roots are very close and the code doesn't converge anymore. So, I want to know whether there is a better way to choose the correct root so that I can reach higher frequencies.

Thank You.

Mehdi.numérique November 10, 2011 06:48

Help please !!!!
I was developped the unsteady panel method using the Hess and Smith method. two types of singularities are used : source and vortex. An additionnal vortex shedding panel have been injected related to the trailing eadge. the problem is that the wake géométrie is not conform whith the bibliography. Can some one help me to detect the wrong part of the code .:(:(:( ( The code is written in Fortran language).

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