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afifi May 5, 2009 06:41

Gas Dynamic Problem
Dear All,

Do anyone here have experienced dealing with gas dynamic problems using CFD?

Fyi, currently i'm doing some research using 'dynamic boundary conditions' for solving one of my test cases..

The objectives are to find the mass flow rate and time taken;

1. case 1: storage tank, there is a leak, gas coming out.. constant volume, what is the mass flow rate?
parameters: Cd, pressure, density, area of leakage, lamda..

2. case 2: pipe.. continous flow.. there is a leak.. how is the gas flow rate with continous varying volume.. same parameters as above..

3. case 3: storage tank and pipe flow in and out of the tank.. there is a leak.. what is the mass flow rate? same parameters as above..

I have done with case 1.. success..
Any suggestion, which method and approach should i use for case study 2 and 3? What equation and formulas?

Thank you in advance for all the help


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