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Rag August 11, 2003 12:49

Engine related question
Hai everybody,

This is rag from Salmia university,Srilanka.I'm doing my P.hD in "diesel engines with spark plug for efficient combustion". my question is,

1.What is the limit of flame propagation of diesel fuel .i.e the ratio of air to fuel. For gasoline(petrol) it's around 6 to 22 parts of fuel to air.To be more specific 5 parts of air and 1 part of fuel won't burn.Likewise what is the limit for diesel.

2.How Combustion analysis using CFD can be done(i.e the methodology)

Jim Park August 11, 2003 13:01

Re: Engine related question
For the second question, do a Google search on "KIVA", which is an engine-oriented ALE (arbitrary legrangian eulerian) code developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. A group at the University of Wisconsin and some folks at Cummins Diesel (Columbus, Indiana, USA) are also using this code.

Rag August 11, 2003 13:08

Re: Engine related question
Thank you very much sir,

I'm in great confusion about my first question.I hope I'll get the CFD solution without any delay from the source that you mentioned.

Thanks again for your help.



Rag August 11, 2003 13:12

Re: Engine related question

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