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Fredrik Soderberg March 19, 1999 07:56

Books on transient flow in SI engines
I am new to CFD and I will be using Star-CD for making flow simulations in a newly developed cylinder head. Are there any goods books regarding transient calculations using events and maybe even using the Star-CD code?

John C. Chien March 19, 1999 12:30

Re: Books on transient flow in SI engines
(1). I am having difficulties in understanding your message. (2). When a cylinder head has been developed, we normally think that it has passed the stages of design, analysis and testing. I mean when it is developed, it is done. (3). From the messages posted here recently, (Ref. FIRE/SWIFT,inlet valve meshing and calculation, in this forum) modeling of transient flow in engines can be fairly involved. It is still something like a research project. And even with the Star-CD code, the creation of the geometry and the moving mesh is definitely not a trivial task. (4). Adding these up, my feeling is, it is going to take more than some good books to deal with the flow simulation of this kind. (5). But I think, it will save you time to learn how to use a commercial CFD code instead of creating your own CFD code. My suggestion is : pick a simple problem ( with simple geometry) first, try to solve it by using a commercial code,and move on to a more complex problem ,and repeat the process. Maybe sometime in the future, you will be able to handle the transient flow in the engines. I think it's a matter of time.

Anil Shenoy March 19, 1999 13:07

Re: Books on transient flow in SI engines
Hi Fredrik,

Here are few refrences I came across: (1) Ramos, J. I. and Sirignano - Axisymmetric flow model in a piston-cylinder arrangement with detailed analysis of the valve region, SAE paper 800286, 1980

(2)Gosman et. al - Axisymmetric flow in motored reciprocating engine, Proc. Inst. Mech Engrs 1978 192, 213

I am not sure if there are books on this subject, also STAR-CD manual has some good tutorial. Try tp checkout SAE database, you may find some good refrences.

good luck


Joern Beilke March 19, 1999 18:06

Re: Books on transient flow in SI engines
Have a look at Tutorial 15.

John Intile April 25, 1999 20:48

Re: Books on transient flow in SI engines
The events you are talking about is Star-CD nomenclature. In fact, every code will naturally have their own methodology and resulting nomenclature when solving the complex problem you are currently engaged in.

I work for adapco, a CFD/FEA consulting company who heavily uses Star-CD for their CFD work. We have performed hundreds of transient engine simulations. adapco has recognized the difficulty of thie probelm and has produced software which is both user friendly and runs with Star-CD Version 3 or higher. At this point you know about Prostar. Pro-Ice is used in a very similar way to Prostar for the In-Cylinder problem.

We would be happy to send you information on Pro-Ice and more tutorials on moving mesh problems. Please contact the Star-Cd agency group and they will assist you. The phone number is (516) 549-2300 and ask for the Star-Cd agency group and reference In-Cylinder work.


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