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Vangelis Skaperdas March 19, 1999 09:27

flow through a porous medium
I am doing simulations which involve flows through ceramic filters. Do you know where I can find accurate values of their permeability to put them in the porous medium model?

Thanking you in advance Vangelis Skaperdas

peter schaffarczyk March 24, 1999 04:24

Re: flow through a porous medium
hi vangelis,

we have some experience with cfd calculations for porous flows. first of all you should know if you want to make a mikroscopic model including the pores or (in most cases sufficient) a makroscopic (averaged) one modeling only the pressure jump by (volume)body forces. in this case you have to know - from experiment - the presure drop vs volume flow relationship. for some cases there are tabulated values and /or empical formulas. unfortunately i have it only in german.

regards peter schaffarczyk from kiel, germany

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