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Zhou Hua March 20, 1999 03:54

Fluid China at
Fluid China opened for fluid researchers and students whose native language is Chinese. While you browse this website, u still need to have a browser which can view chinese GB code. We have prepared BBS, Online Resources and Scientific News of China for YOU. Other things are still under construction, we are working on it...

tudi March 24, 1999 22:54

Re: Fluid China at
you forgot to make a hyperlink for us. Could you please make it up? Thanks.

Zhou Hua March 25, 1999 03:36

Re: Fluid China at
Welcome to <a href="">Fluid China!

hyun March 26, 1999 01:36

Re: Fluid China at
I can't read chinese...... So, I don't know what was written in it. Would you please make english versions.....?


Zhou Hua March 26, 1999 09:04

Re: Fluid China at
basicly this website is a chinese one, but i will give a english version in near future(it's labouring for translating everything into english).By now, i am afraid that i can only suggest you to use a brower of chinese version :-P. best regards, Zhou Hua

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