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ayoadeolofin May 31, 2009 05:15

please help me with pollution calculation problem. thanks
In an infinite one-dimensional canal of cross-section A, a continous point pollution source is initiated with a volumetric flowrate, Q(m3/s) and concentration C* (mg/l). It is desired to compute the the concentration, C(x,t).
(a) use and explicit scheme with a forward-time difference and a fully cntred, 2nd-space difference, and sketch the numerical operator.
(b) compute a solute concentration over six distance steps and 12 time steps using only right hand part of the channel(i.e., assumed symmetry about centreline). select ^t for the best accuracy.
(c) plot the result on the graph paper.
Data: A=200 m2 C*=1000mg/l ^x=250m K=100 m2/s
Q= 1 m3/s C(x,0)=0(initially)

Hints: 1. assume the point source as a concentration diluted over ^t and uniformly mixed over the channel volume.
2. neglect the river velocity, U.
boundaries: take for boundary conditions
1. pollution source(j=1), symmetry. set C0=C2
2. at far right boundary, take C=0 for all n.

ayoadeolofin May 31, 2009 05:19

please help me with this question. thanks

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