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Srikanth Rao March 21, 1999 08:25

New User - Need Some Help
Hi Everybody, I am a student of mechanical engineering and was interested in learning about CFD. Could anyone please tell be where on the net I can get some information about CFD basics. I know that most discussion groups do not appreciate such email, but I have tried looking a lot and was not able to find any material. So could someone help me please?


andy March 21, 1999 08:47

Re: New User - Need Some Help
Although I am aware of one or two bits around, I am not aware of anything I would recommend over a reasonable book. May I ask why you are looking to the net rather than your library?

raj calay March 22, 1999 10:00

Re: New User - Need Some Help
you should visit your library to get hold of books on fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics such as

compuational methods for fluid flow by Roger Peyret & Thomas Taylor Computational Fluid Dynamics an introduction for engineers by Abbott & Basco

and there are many more to cover CFD at intoductory level.

In short CFD is solving for flow variables-velocity, pressure temperature etc. numerically. Because to solve mass , momentum and energy equations for real problems one has to resolve to numerical methods. Once you are familiar with the subject then only can you proceed to either writing your own little program to solve NS & other equations or to use a readymade package to solve an engineering problem.

Dr. Tanmay Sarkar March 22, 1999 12:19

Re: New User - Need Some Help
If you are interested in incompressible flow S.V. Patankar's book "Numerical Heat transfer and Fluid Flow" is a good one to start with. Good Luck.

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