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speedy June 4, 2009 04:56

Using VOF method for modelling multiphase separators
Dear All,

I have been using VOF method to model oil and water separator. At the inlet I have used velocity inlet boundary conditions with three separate inlets (water at bottom, oil in middle and air on top. I am using steady state with implicit as i am interested in final steady state solution. I have three outlets which I have defined as "outflow" boundary condition.
I had two porous plates inside the vessel which I modeled as porous jump BC.
Now the PROBLEM is that after many iterations the solution is not converging and I see diffused colour (mixture) instead of sharp interface and separate phases.
I have also tried to lower the URFs and that only has an effect of lowering the continuity residual slightly.
I want to ask that will the solution ever converge or do i have to resort to any other methodology (Transient was working fine but not an option due to large computational time required):confused:.
I am open to all suggestions and ideas.

Thank You

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