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fjalil June 10, 2009 13:47

Fluid pairs
Hello. I'm doing a simulation on CFX. My case is distribution box, or a kind of launder, that has one input and 3 outputs. It's isothermal and transient. I have three phases involved: water, air, and particles. The water transports the particles, and the air is above. I did my case already with water and air, and it was OK. The thing is that now, I'm not sure about the fluid details and the fluid pairs. My questions are the following:

1. For the particle phase, in fluid details-morphology, I put dispersed fluid. This is because I want to use an Eulerian-Eulerian model. If I put dispersed solid I'm I using Lagrangian method?

2. For fluid pairs, for the pair water-particles, under interphase transfer I only have the options of free surface or particle model. Does particle model mean I'm using Lagrangian particle tracking?

3. In fluid pairs, under interphase transfer, for water-air I used free surface. I'm not sure what the difference is between this and mixture model.

4. In fluid pairs, under interphase transfer, for particle-air I used free surface. I'm not sure if this is OK, because the particle phase should carried by the liquid, and I don't know what interaction should it have with the air. Is free surface OK?

Thank you very much.


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