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HaKu June 11, 2009 19:20

input data to a poisson solver

i want to use the FFT routines given in numerical recipe book for solving Poisson equation using the Dirichlet boundary conditions.

i want to use the routines as a black box so this means i need to give them the initial data as input..

if somebody has used those before and can tell me that how and wht should i be inputting to use these routines to solve the possion equation. the routine is taking input as a data array of y .. so suppose if the equation is KU=F, then wht will be the initial and wht wil go in the subroutine as a data.


mr_fluent June 11, 2009 20:56

i never used numerical recipe's code, but there is something called kiss-fft on source-forge. I am big fan of it and i use it for my immersed boundary code.

HaKu June 11, 2009 22:45

thanks let me have a look at it and then il let u know..
i downloaded it but i think the files are written in C and im using fortran .. but just a question tht when u r using this code what inputs do u usually give...
ofcourse i need to give the boundary conditions and generate the mesh but what value will be given of which the transforms will be done if its poisson equation..

regards and thanks for ur help

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