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Crystal June 12, 2009 14:38

Fluent Source Code

Is it possible to auto-generate the source code for a Fluent simulation done interactively on the GUI?

CapSizer June 13, 2009 12:45

Think again about how you phrased that question
I think what you are asking is "Can you record a script file of the problem setup", and the answer to that is yes, you can record a journal file. RTFM, it is explained there.

Crystal June 15, 2009 05:30

Rephrasing my question
Perhaps my question wasn't phrased clearly, I wasn't referring to the script file, but to the source code or the programme file in C language that Fluent (and also Gambit) uses to run the simulation process - from the discretization to the boundary condition and material properties setup to the solution process etc... For example, in COMSOL and the MATLAB curve fitting tool, you can generate the m-file (MATLAB source code) that is used to run that particular process. I know we can couple our own UDFs to Fluent, but are we able to see what goes on "behind the scenes" in Fluent itself? Thanks!

CapSizer June 15, 2009 05:34

You must be joking!
Nope, and if, unlike most of us, you bothered to read the license agreement you would probably find a paragraph explicitly prohibiting the "uncompiling" or any other form of reverse-engineering of the code.

Suvash Saha March 3, 2010 07:41

That's why FLUENT called the BLACK BOX...

harishg March 3, 2010 21:34

Fluent is a proprietary software. If you look into opensource codes like OepnFOAM, Elmer etc. , you will have an idea of how things are done in Fluent.

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