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jaber June 12, 2009 17:50

icem hexa mesh parts pb
Hello dear colleagues,
Iím simulating a flow over a symmetrical NACA airfoil using,to have a multiblock structured mesh, I have done a 2d extruded mesh using ICEM HEXA(v11).the steps followed are:

1-generating 2d geometry (airfoil+rectangular domain) using a scripts file. creating parts representing geometry families.
2-2d blocking (several operations) and 2d mesh.
3-extruding (1 layer) the 2d mesh after converting to unstructured mesh.

Results: having a 2d extruded mesh. But parts still representing lines and not sides. making pb to introduce boundary conditions (inlet,outlet,wall and airfoil).

please, I will be grateful to receive any idea or suggestions.

CapSizer June 13, 2009 12:42

Icem extrusion & families
There are options that you can set on the extrusion menu. You can give a new family name for the volume part, or ineherit it from the initial plane, for the "sides" you need to inherit from the line elements, and then set a new name (such as symmetry2) for the "top" part.

So when I do this, the initial 2D "volume" is called SYM1, the extruded volume is given the name FLUID, the sides inherit their names and the new outer or top face is given the family name SYM2

jaber July 7, 2009 15:30

that helped,but..
Thanks a lot Charles,it helped well.
but there is a pb whith some lines and shells that need not to be(on profile part,and top part).

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