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aiqch June 18, 2009 13:31

Smoothing interface of two-phase flows
I am simulating on two-phase flows by using both VOF and Front Tracking (FT) Method. Paper said the FT method can obtain accurate and smooth interface, but the interface I obtained is not smooth for some cases (e.g. high Re). I checked the data, the oscillation for derivatives are large especially around large curvature (curvature sometimes blows up for pinch-off problem). Then I tried Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter with different parameters (smoothing spans and times) to smooth the derivatives. But finally I got worse results since the interface is more fluctuating. So now I have only way to try more discretized grid (smaller mesh) to make things better which is not efficiency at all.
Does anyone have the experience to deal with this problem and know some better way to smooth the interface if I do not make a big “surgery” for my algorithm?
Thanks a lot.

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