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John M September 12, 2003 04:50

about cfd code, free or for payment
dear all,

are there any CFD free code that could share with each other? I need compressible flow code, 3d or 2d, steady or unsteady.

i know some commercial CFD codes, for example NSMB,NS3D, cfl3d, pab3d, fast3d. I'm not an american,so i can not obtain these codes. are they for sale?? how much($)?

now i got some free code: adfc, gerris, ISAAC, ns2d. the only code i used is ISAAC, but with some questions.

I have the cfl3d6.0 that encrypted!! i do not want to cost so much time to hack it, because it is almost impossible.

jdc September 12, 2003 07:04

Re: about cfd code, free or for payment
Hi John,

Free cfd code? From what I know, there are lots of free "specialized" cfd codes. I don't really know about a "general" purpose free cfd code.

If you are willing to pay and get source code for cfd, I heard FOAM might be a good choice. C++, object oriented...

On a more general basic, I have some questions: - what do you expect from a free cfd code with source? - how would you "reward" any developper of such code? - if you are yourself developping, are you keen to share your developments?

I don't think this will help solve your problem, but free code is an open question. Julien

snorre September 12, 2003 10:07

Re: about cfd code, free or for payment
You should perhaps check out the Gerris Flow Solver?

Gerris also offers a OpenDX module for direct import of results.

I think this is the best you can get of generic CFD software under open source/GPL.

I wish more CFD people would contribute to this process, since CFD is a work in progress and many people sits with ideas that the big companies ignore to implement.

Dr. Hrvoje Jasak September 12, 2003 10:13

Re: about cfd code, free or for payment
Well, FOAM is free for academic use and there is quite a few people doing their work in it. We have started this exercise hoping that the people will contribute in return for what they get and allow us all to progress, including the commercial customers (who should be interested in the new models implemented just for their purpose).

So, if you fancy learning/writing C++ for your own "work in progress" and try to get your new models to people in industry who need them, have a look at and tell me what you think + join in.

snorre September 12, 2003 10:29

Re: about cfd code, free or for payment
Ok, but FOAM is not "free" as stated in the GNU General Public License (GPL) or the Open Open Source Initiative (OSI). GPL, I think, is the best free license system because it makes it stay free for everyone no matter what happens.

GNU Public License (GPL):

Open Source Initiative (OSI):

Gerris Flow Solver is GPL and OpenDX is OSI as far as I know.

Maybe you should consider releasing FOAM as GPL too?

Pei-Ying Hsieh September 15, 2003 08:51

Re: about cfd code, free or for payment

Paul Hsieh September 15, 2003 08:59

Re: about cfd code, free or for payment

It will be a dream come true if FOAM can be released as GPL or GNU. I think FOAM is a great idea - a CFD library.

Although I am in industry, I love to play with CFD just for fun. I used to write codes myself, but, I am tire of writing codes from scratch now. FOAM will be ideal for me. But, because I am not in academic any more, I cannot get it for free.

If FOAM is released as GNU or GPL, the FOAM developers can offer paid courses to support the development of FOAM. Or selling specialized modules, tips, ...etc.

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