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atmcfd June 22, 2009 00:41

help for beginner
hello evryone.. i`m a student of mechanical engg and an absolute beginner in CFD. i`ve to simulate IC engine combustion chambers for turbulence. what is better ... a 2D or a 3D analysis?i mean ;in terms of accuracy and difficulty level?

pls. help
thank u in advance

senecal June 22, 2009 02:06


You should perform 3D simulations if you are trying to examine turbulence in IC engines. The difficulty level depends on what code you are using.

I hope this helps.

atmcfd June 22, 2009 02:11

thank u senecal..
i`l be using ANSYS CFX or there any better code u know for this type of simulation?
thanks again.

senecal June 22, 2009 02:27

Please see the following link for a list of IC Engine CFD codes:

atmcfd June 22, 2009 02:29

thank u senecal..
wil check it out.

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