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vanchisen July 5, 2009 09:15

Large eddy simulation on unstructured grid
Hi, everyone

I wish to do some LES on unstructured grid by finite volume method.
I'm puzzled with following probelms:

1.As I know,some solver such as iNavier and OpenFoam use up-wind scheme to discrete the convective term of N-S equation. However, it is reported that dscrete kinetic energy conservation was important in LES, and up-wind scheme is known to introduce much artificial damping. So could anyone please give me some advice to selected the convective scheme?

2.How to set the LES' initial condition for flow field? I think it should be random number, is it right ?

Thanks for responses!


sbaffini July 6, 2009 18:12

About the first question, i'm not an user of OpenFoam or iNavier. However the second order upwind scheme is not generally feasible for LES.

In fluent, for example, you have two choices:

1) A classical second order centered scheme

2) A bounded version of the former. It is actually a gamma scheme, which with the FCT (not available in Fluent) is usually suggested as feasible for a MILES approach (so without any turbulence model).

The best suited initial condition will depend on the kind of flow you want to simulate. For example, in a turbulent channel flow (a classical LES test case) you are interested in the statistically steady state so the best initial condition will be the one which will bring you there as fast as possible...and it's not probably a totally random one.

If you're interested in the time evolution of the flow your initial condition needs to be a physically relevant one. Another classical test case for LES is the homogeneous turbulence box. In this case the initial condition should match some specified spectral energy content and a specific initialization procedure will be needed

vanchisen July 6, 2009 20:59

Thank u,sbaffini

Your advice is very helpful for me !

Are there any papers on LES with Gamma scheme in Fluent?

I googled it can't find any.

harishg July 6, 2009 21:32

Openfoam has a second order central difference scheme for LES. If you need to add slight dissipation to maintain staibility, you can use the filteredlinear scheme. Check the openfoam documentation and openfoam forums. You will find all the information.

vanchisen July 6, 2009 22:44

Thank u,harishg
I will download OpenFoam and read its theory.

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