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timea March 25, 1999 08:48

How to do Grid Generation for the FLUENT?
I'm a novice for the FLUENT. Now, I am trying to generate complicated 3-D grids for the PROJECT. I wanna to make grid genetation, like this way, if possible, 1. by using AutoCAD software, make 3-D geometry. 2. by reading 3-D data file from AutoCAD, do the grid generation with Gambit or Geomesh.

So, I wanna know it is possible to use above ways and if it is so, then , how I can.....

Thanks advance..for your kind answers..

reyman March 25, 1999 16:50

Re: How to do Grid Generation for the FLUENT?
timea, it is possible to do as you have described as long as file types are of the 'acis', 'iges', 'mesh', and/or 'stl' flavors. The technique is to create your 3d geometry in autocad as tightly as possible, then import it into gambit. Gambit uses a tigher tolerance than autocad, so you'll have to do actions such as 'connect or merge edges', and 'connect faces' before you mesh your geometry. Gambit also gives you the option of creating virtual faces and volumes. These are used so that you can make use of the edges or faces which have too low a tolerance to be imported directly by gambit and applied as real faces or volumes. All of these options are discussed in the gambit user guide, as well as directions for connecting, merging, and using the virtual options.

Wolfram Haupt April 7, 1999 09:03

Re: How to do Grid Generation for the FLUENT?
Hi timea, AutoCAD R14 can export 3D-models as ACIS-files. This should be the best way to get the geometry from AutoCAD to Gambit. You have to work with 3D-volume-objects (not wireframe) and can export a region via "acisout"... Gambit can read the .sat-file you produce by this way.

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