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yanliu July 7, 2009 18:11

Fully coupled solution based on FEM

I am wondering what is the latest progress regarding how to solve momentum and continuity equations together instead of solving them in sequence (i.e. using SIMPLE method).
I know Fluent is doing this. But I want to do it with FEM instead of FVM.
And the real problem is how to add pressure term into the continuity equation. I understand that in FVM the pressure term can be added by rhie-chow interpolation. But is there a similar way to do it in FEM?

Many thanks for any kind reply.

harishg July 7, 2009 18:25

There was a paper on FEM based FVM a while ago by Patankar. I do not remember the title nor do i have a copy of that paper. I guess it might have been in AIAA.

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