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Darek September 30, 2003 05:06

Passive cooling system for batch reactor
I am quite new in the field of CFD. I am looking at modeling of batch experimental reactor with internal cooling carrying out by using cooling coil.

Is anyone who can help me to approach this problem. The objective is to show that using batch reactor for exothermic reactions it is possible to cool the system down without any external energy sources (PASSIVE COOLING).

The principle of that system are: In normal working conditions, connections between emergency cooling tank and reactor are separated by bursting discs. If there is a failure of jacket cooling system or stirring, the heat produced by exothermic reaction can build up the temperature and finally lead to runaway reaction. The increasing in temperature will cause some substance starts boiling and vaporizing. Vapour will cause increase of the pressure inside the reactor. Increase of pressure is used as a driving force for this passive system. If the pressure inside the reactor is higher than the pressure that can be kept by the bursting disc, then the bursting disc will rupture and let the pressure expand through cooling coil to the coolant supply tank. The pressure expansion will push the coolant inside cooling tank flowing down into the reactor cooling coil. Thus the reactor can be cooled immediately and reduce the temperature and pressure until the reaction stops.

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