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John October 1, 2003 01:00

External,incompressible flow boundary condition?
Hi. I'm currently working on a CFD project.

I need to use Fluent 6 to obtain aerodynamic result for external incompressible flow over a object.

I heard from my someone that since it is external flow over a object. I have to use the Pressure Far Field boundary condition. However, I realise that Pressure Far Field is only for compressible ideal gas.

May I ask the question whether I can use velocity inlet boundary condition to define external flow around the object?? I can't use the Pressure Far Field boundary condition in this case right???

What type of turbulence model is suitable for low speed, incompressible, external flow around the object???

I have tried to iterate to obtain result but sometimes I obtain such error and the iteration terminate. May I know what went wrong?? Thanks.The statement printed when I receive the errors are as follows. Many Thanks

Error:>(greater-than):invalid argument [2]:

wrongtype [not a number] Error object:ran0x7ffffe00 Error:Cortex received a fatal signal (BUS ERROR) Error Object: ( )

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