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thomas October 1, 2003 07:43

simulation fo ebullition ????
Hi everyone, I am at the beginning of a project where the aim is to simulate the phase change (water into steam particle) of a 'jet' of water impacting on a heated wall. The problem is we have to simulate 2 different phenomenon : a macroscopic one taking into account the water jet circulation, and a microscopic one taking into account the generation of steam particle when the water touch the wall. The ultimate aim of this project is to find the limit where all the steam particle will get aggomerate together and form a film between the wall and the water -> Great loss of heat transfer capacity/efficiency. I am thinking about simulation that using langrangian method, but I do not really know if that method can take into account nucleation and also if at some point that method with allow a steam film formation between the wall and the water bulk. Euler-Euler method might be a better solution?

Any suggestion about what to do, and what has already been done???? I will probably use Fluent or Star-CD, or maybe a specific multiphase research code called Saturne (France) ( = ex Estet astrid ). regards thomas

thomas October 6, 2003 02:50

Re: simulation fo ebullition ????
Hey, Does anyone have already seen this kind of problem ? I know everybody has problem with such simulation but some of you might have an idea about the subject !!!!! thomas

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