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soso July 14, 2009 11:00

The GENMIX code by Prof. Spalding
Dear all,

I'm currently a postgraduate student in fluid mechanics. Not specialized in CFD but after reading Prof. Patankar's book I feel CFD in fact can help me in understanding certain physical problems and therefore would like to get deeper into it. I like the way of Prof. Patankar and Prof. Spalding in seeing CFD problems so I dugged up GENMIX in the library. Books like these are rare nowadays I feel. It is unfortunate that I'm unable to find the original code anywhere on the internet even in the Phoenics website, perhaps it's already too old.

I wonder whether anyone knows how I could obtain a copy of the code to assist in reading the book? My feeling is that it was available as open source code before right? It appears it is no longer available.


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