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Vicky Vigia October 2, 2003 06:14

CFD Apps
Dear Experts,

I am a research student of Computer Graphics. I am keen to develop simulations for CFD in DirectX or OpenGL. But the irony is that I have no (theoretical) idea what CFD is? Please suggest me some good Books/Journals for startup.

I also call for any one who is interested in developing such a simulation with me! That will be so great, if someone can guide me.

Best Regards,

Vicky Vigia

"Who Me... Nah, My Soul Is Riding My Skin!" - Vicky Vigia, 2002.

ROOZBEH October 2, 2003 09:07

Re: CFD Apps
Hi; I think that a good reference for you is the book: " computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. by: Thomas" or a book about CFD(I forget its name) by: Ferziger or a cfd book by:Hirsh, or by Fletcher

What is your project? Please describe me by e-mail. regards.

Vicky Vigia October 20, 2003 04:37

Re: CFD Apps
I found it!!!

The book name is An Introduction to fluid mechanics by HK Veerstag & W Malalsehera, Long Man publishers.

A good book for the theory of CFD, as recomended by the experts in .this forum!

All The Best!

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