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Jin-Teck Chu March 25, 1999 18:31

Grid Generation in StarCD
I have some ProE models of some pipe flows and would like the models to be ported into StarCD. I have exported the shell of the pipe models in IGES format and imported the IGES files into StarCD. The problem is that I am spending quite amout of time by gridding it using the shell of the pipe to create the volume that is going to be solved.

Is there any software that can assist the grid generation automatically by using the shell of the pipe or any suggestions to grid the models will be helpful? Thanks.


Joern Beilke March 25, 1999 19:48

Re: Grid Generation in StarCD
There exists a set of Prostar macros to mesh pipe-system based on iges data. I got it from CD Germany (for free).

If you don't like Prostar meshing you can take any of the 3'rd party mesh generators (samm, icem , gridpro, ...)

Mike Salari March 29, 1999 00:10

Re: Grid Generation in StarCD
ICEM CFD has a direct interface to PROE. This means within PROE you can open a direct link into ICEM CFD and send any surface, curve or point geometry. You can also specify mesh parameters within PROE. These parameters will be saved and can be a part of your parametric model. You will not have any need for IGES, STL or any other kind of translator. Once you have generated your model in ICEM CFD (HEX, TET, PRISM,...) you can use its direct translator to take the mesh, CPMATCHES and even boundary condtions into STAR-CD. Check WEB site for more detail information. The same type of interface exist for UG, IDEAS, and CATIA.

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