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stoodent July 19, 2009 18:37

Combustion model for CAI/HCCI in AVL FIRE
I work with AVL FIRE trying to make combustion analysis in compression auto-ignition engine chamber. The problem is I don't really know which one of the AVL's combustion models is appropriate for CAI/HCCI combustion.

Could anybody tell me which of the available in AVL FIRE combustion models I should use in this case and why?
How to deretmine parameters of this model?

My analysis proceeds with valves closed, without a plug (just compression, injection, combustion, decompression)

I also have similar problem with ignition model. I chose HCCI ignition for my CAI analysis. If I have chosen it right then how to determine parameters: AQ, AB, A0F1, A0F4 ???

I will be thankful for any clue

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