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Jonas Larsson March 26, 1999 03:44

Beowulf Clusters, Extrem Linux Support
We've started looking at investing some of our hardware budget into PC-clusters instead of parallell-workstations. The growing support for Linux and the very good price/performance ratio in the PC market makes this a very interesting alternative. With our in-house code running PVM this would be quite easy I think. Has anyone else done this? I'd appreciate any advice.

The commercial codes are more problematic since we can't re-complile anything ourself there. Does anyone know if Fluent supports Extreme Linux?

Sung-Eun Kim March 29, 1999 17:53

Re: Beowulf Clusters, Extrem Linux Support
We do have an in-house Linux version of FLUENT 5 based on MPI, and that it's currently undergoing off-site beta testing on a Beowulf cluster. Results look quite promising, but I'm afraid it's still a bit early to say anything more than that. I'll keep you posted when it's ready for release.

Tareq Al-shaalan March 31, 1999 00:50

Re: Beowulf Clusters, Extrem Linux Support
YES, University if Taxes, Austin, is working on this.

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