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bmoslener July 25, 2009 00:27

Tornado 3D Vortex Lattice Software
I'm attempting to model a P-3 airplane using the Tornado MATLAB program. The program allows for NACA designations to define the airfoil shape. My information indicates the P-3 has a NACA 23011 for the horizontal stabilizer however it's inverted. Does anyone have any experience using Tornado with inverted airforils? Thanks in advance for any responses.

lucav79 August 1, 2009 04:37

Maybe I get it wrong. Can't you simply provide tornado with a simple txt file describing the inverted airfoil? I worked a lot with tornado a modified it to allow aeroelastic calculations so I know it very well....let me know if you cannot solve the issue. Luca

bmoslener August 16, 2009 00:31

Thank you very much for your comment. Sorry for the late response...I've been away for a while. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with how to insert a text file to describe the airfoil. The user manual says to edit the file 'slope.m' however I have not been able to locate this file. Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Joukowski September 14, 2009 12:08

Hi , just take care that the tornado doest twist the airfoil about its c/4 .

bmoslener September 19, 2009 00:27

Hey thanks a lot. Stupid question but do I need to trim the aircraft (such that my moments are minimum) for my stability derivatives to be meaningful?

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