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Paul Hsieh October 13, 2003 09:05

Looking for a CFD workshop - in VOF

I am looking for a CFD workshop with emphasis in free surface flow. I am hoping that I can work on a existing code and than add the free surface tracking into the code. (I am not interested in turbulence modeling). A one-week workshop will be ideal. Preferred location is US. Also, I am hoping that I can take the finished source code with me (is this realisitic?)

Please let me know if you know of this type of workshop (course). Thanks!


Jim_Park October 13, 2003 12:56

Re: Looking for a CFD workshop - in VOF
This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but Flow Science, in Santa Fe, NM, has periodic workshops on Flow-3D. Check out .

As a plus, C. W. Hirt, President of Flow Science, invented VOF. So you're assured of expert instruction. As a possible minus (depending on your budget), you'd probably need to buy the code in order to leave with it.

Surely it's worth checking the web site.

Paul Hsieh October 13, 2003 14:19

Re: Looking for a CFD workshop - in VOF
Thanks for the reply, Jim.

Actually, we already have a couple of commerical general purpose CFD codes here. My main interest is in VOF type free surface tracking code (without all the extra capabilities that I do not need right now). I have some general understanding of VOF method. What I am looking for is to start from a basic code (provided by the trainer) and then add VOF (or other free surface tracking) feature to the code in about one week (is this realistic?).

Jim Park October 13, 2003 21:24

Re: Looking for a CFD workshop - in VOF
Short answer: I don't think I could do it in a week. If fact, I'm pretty sure I could not! But ...

The key is how well you know the philosophy and structure of the code you start with. Of course, your own individual skill with the source language (that seems to be Fortran or C++ these days), whether you have constant access to an adequate computer, debug tools, graphics routines that are flexible and bug-free (no sense getting an answer if you can't visualize it). Etc.

So, I can't answer your question. But if worked for me and pulled this off in a week, I'd have to seriously consider a raise for you!

Good luck!

Aboutaleb Hashemi November 7, 2003 20:01

Re: Looking for a CFD workshop - in VOF
Hi, I am MS student in mechanical engineering in Sharif University. I need a code about VOF modeling for my project in University. Please help me ,if you have code or know about it. Thanks. Good Luck.

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